Can a single person carry the entire working of web design alone?

A good example of this would be when a user enters credit card details to , only to find that the form has failed to submit properly to the web server without displaying any .Will the user receive the product? Has money been subtracted from their account? How do they go back and find out what went wrong?Just as a good website design will not draw attention to the way in which it directs a Custom Web Design  user through the various pages of a website, a well-designed UI will not draw attention to itself.When the UI design is modelled to , the user will probably not notice the ease with which they were able to engage with the system.A number of different steps are needed to achieve this effect.

Understanding exactly what is expected of the system is one of the most obvious requirements.
It takes a lot longer to change software than it does in seeking clarification of the functionality in the first place.Having said that, user requirements often change during the development process.The more clarifications that can be made during the stage of gathering , the easier it will be in what is required for development, as well as potentially avoiding some re-working during the development phase.

It is often necessary for the developer, or BI consultant, to pinpoint user requirements from a client who is not as interested in outlining the system, as much as they are interested in settling on a cost and a completion date.

Some clients will only show interest in the work at, or after, prototyping has occurred where they suddenly explain that what they required of the software is something quite different from what has been prototyped!It is really important that the come to grips with how the client business operates, the goals of the , and the way the system will integrate within the business workflow.