How unique identification of website can Valuation ?

After a simple dialogue, find the friend you are using Windows Vista operating system.But the result is the robots file encoding problems that may occur, resulting in misunderstanding the search engines to crawl, the results do not crawl the web.I have in my computer to re-save the file again, pass each other.They do not open without editing, direct upload web space, a few days later, began to crawl properly.

In the google search keywords, ranking among the first page every few days to four or five page jumping.Because the station is in English, so there is no sense in google ranking.Logic tells me that this and the location of the website or server language.Looked at the site, is pure English, not Chinese characters, the server in the United States.Checked the backlinks the site, there are a large number of Chinese web link.So the initial judgment, these links are judged to have garbage suspect.

And see that lawyer huh bring everything you’ve done with you-you know do some of those searches thatI’ve said before and bring the results that lawyer and say hey how to get land valuation by property valuer this is what Ido this is my brand this is what I’ve seen that others do you think I’m too similar do you think I should be taking action against that person what do you think should happen so that’s I think of a very big tip and the second thing to think don’t think that

But there are a lot of English websites actually have a lot of junk Chinese links, even if the ranking is poor, but does not appear this phenomenon.My gut tells me, though, and the company of a large number of Chinese websites, but not be punished, but the punishment has rarely seen such a phenomenon.ranking next to the page that says “Translate this page” (translated this page), this is a very strange phenomenon.

This shows that Google is to this website as a Chinese web page, so the ranking stable in , but jumping in at .Open the CSS file found, the font definitions have Chinese fonts.After some time, the problem is solved, stable on the first page, of course, ran ranking behind.These two cases are friends are asking a lot of Expert are unable to find cause, through MSN ask me.