What is the most accurate manner of carrying out the process of web design?

Unless you have specifically asked your web designer for a website that suits all platforms, your current website will be most likely just be designed for regular computer screens.In that case your website isn’t showing up properly on smartphones and tablets and may also be hard to navigate  web designers Melbourne  on those devices. People will have to wait long for the page to download, will have to scroll and pan a lot and may not be able to view all the content. As a result they’ll get fed up, and leave. If they do, they probably never come back.

There are a few ways to improve the way your website shows up on mobile phones and one method is making the whole website ‘responsive’. This means that every time someone on a mobile device visits your website, they get presented with a simplified version of your website, which is optimised for display on small screens and will loaded faster. The navigation will also be made simpler, for easy viewing on small screens.So-called ‘media queries’ in the coding of responsive websites make sure the page uses a different style rule on each device.

The style sheet is called a CSS, and it ‘tells’ the website whether it is being viewed on a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop. The CSS then ‘orders’ the website to change certain displays, so the pages and images load faster and fit the screen better. In order to achieve this, the page layout, the image sizes, the website menu, and the content options all need to be prepared for small screen viewing.

At Magik New Media we can offer RWD, which is Responsive Web Design. We can recode and restyle your existing website to make it adapt to all platforms.If you want to service both consumer groups the ones that browse on a laptop or PC and the ones that browse on the go but don’t want to redesign your existing website, we can develop a mobile website that co-exists with you current website.